16 ‘Friends’ plot holes and inconsistencies that still bother the show’s true fans

In the teaser, Chandler and Monica cuddle while cooperating on a crossword puzzle, which Joey finds cute. That night, however, he dreams that he was doing the crossword puzzle with Monica, leading him to wonder if he finds her attractive. This is exacerbated when, at Central Perk the next morning, Monica is found wearing his sweatshirt as opposed to Chandler’s, and later when Monica asks him to taste her cooking, leading to him confessing about his dreams. A bit of honest discussion between the three of them reveals that Joey is not really attracted to Monica, but rather to the intimacy and friendship she shares with Chandler. The two explain that this is because they were friends first before they started dating. Equipped with this new philosophy, he first tries to get on Rachel ‘s good side, on the grounds that they are already friends, but she advises him to strike up a friendship with a woman and then pursue a relationship. Joey tries to do this, but when meeting a woman to strike up a friendship, he ends up in a threesome with her and her roommate.

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After seeing Monica and Chandler doing a crossword puzzle together and enjoying each other’s closeness, Joey has dreams about Monica, where it’s him who’s enjoying the closeness between them. He fears that he’s falling in love with Monica, but she and Chandler explain that this is not the case. When he yearns for a relationship like theirs, the two suggest that the fact that they were friends first could have contributed to their closeness.

Joey thinks it’s a good idea, but puts it to bad practice when he hits on Rachel.

So even though he was a hot cop who adored Phoebe, this was an We have to give major props to Mona, who started dating Ross at the.

One of the most enjoyable bits of Friends was to watch their various relationships grow and then die. It was rare for any couple to breakup in a reasonable way. Rather, most of the partnerships ended in a fiery blaze. Since we became so used to seeing the group together and in their own elements, it was often through their relationships with others that we got to see just how dysfunctional they really were. They may have been attractive and successful people in their own ways, but they were not very good at being boyfriends and girlfriends.

Then again, maybe no one really is? So, in the spirit of relationships ending badly, we wanted to go through and see if you could remember how each of these partnerships died. Every one of the stars of Friends dated numerous people during the 10 glorious seasons. You may remember who each of the partners are and how each of them met, but do you remember all the bad stuff? After all, outside of Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica, Phoebe and Mike, every relationship on the show ended for one reason or another.

That is a lot of breakups to keep track of. Jill is Rachel’s youngest sister. When she comes to town, Rachel seizes the opportunity to take her under her wing, trying to transform her little sister from spoiled to independent just as she herself had transformed. Jill doesn’t take to Rachel’s guidance though.


Subscriber Account active since. Now that HBO Max has launched with the hit NBC sitcom on its roster, plenty of fans will be compelled to rewatch and reminisce about its groundbreaking episodes , fan-favorite couples , iconic pieces of furniture — and, for some, its biggest flaws. In addition to some glaringly problematic story lines , “Friends” had issues with continuity that can be hard to ignore to this day, from petty details like characters having multiple different birthdays to major emotional moments getting little to no follow-through like Phoebe’s birth parents disappearing from her life without explanation.

Given that Monica’s building doesn’t have just one or two apartments per floor, it makes little sense for her rent-controlled sixth-floor walk-up to be apartment No. It appears that the production crew noticed the same thing, because her apartment becomes No.

When Phoebe finds a policeman’s badge at the coffee shop, she uses its power to enforce some laws of her own. Eventually The two hit it off and start dating.

The show just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and fans are celebrating by binge-watching the complete series on Netflix. One of the things that people loved the most about the show was the romantic relationships that the friends had with each other. Monica Courtney Cox and Chandler Matthew Perry actually ended up getting married starting a family together. Joey and Phoebe Lisa Kudrow played close friends that were never romantically involved with one another.

Did the writers make a mistake? Joey just knows what to say! One of the things that fans love about both Phoebe and Joey is their goofy personalities. They sometimes seem a bit ditzy and act as if they may be the dumbest of all of their friends. However, they both also have the biggest hearts and are willing to do anything for the happiness of their loved ones.

She sacrificed a whole lot to make sure that her brother could be a father. During this pregnancy, lifelong vegetarian Phoebe had cravings to eat meat but was ethically torn. To help her out, Joey offered to be vegetarian so Phoebe can eat his share of animals. Later in the show, when Rachel first found out she was pregnant, Joey had thought that it was actually Phoebe who was pregnant. Because Phoebe was single at the time, Joey wasted no time to get down on one knee and ask Phoebe to be his wife just so that she would not have to be a parent all by herself, which was one of the sweetest things that we had ever seen.

Phoebe’s Traumatic Childhood Was Friends’ Darkest Plotline

The quirky one. The free spirit. The woman who wouldn’t settle down. The odd one out, the… just plain odd one.

So, let me tell you something: Friends’ resident weirdo Phoebe In Season 2, Phoebe is dating a guy named Scott (who we never actually see). Before Gary The Cop shot and killed a bird he was actually a great guy.

A quarter-century after it started, people are still talking about Friends. The NBC sitcom , which began in and lasted ten seasons, comes up constantly as one of the most popular shows in the era of streaming content. What is it that makes Friends so special? For one thing, it kept the same central cast for its entire run, which most long-running series fail to do. The behind-the-scenes story of Friends has been discussed elsewhere, but we want to talk about the fictional story instead.

Who are these six characters, where did they come from, and how did they fit together so well? Their life stories were revealed slowly over the course of those ten seasons, so let’s piece it together, character by character, and examine the full story of Friends.

What The Tabloids Get Wrong About The Cast Of ‘Friends’

Of all six of our favorite friends, only Phoebe Buffay managed to keep her close pals out of her love life. While we all know who the best Mr. Buffay was helloooo, Mike Hannigan , how did her other beaux stack up? Somewhere in the Friends verse, he is off playing mah-jongg with the creepy restaurateur whom wants Monica to slice those tomatoes up real nice.

Phoebe dates an anal health inspector. Joey is dating a girl who punches him all the time. #16 The One with the Cop: Aired Thursday, February 25,

From hookups with co-stars and special guests to post-show ‘romances’ – here’s who dated who in the Friends cast. As fans know, the show’s year run spawned numerous hookups between the characters, from Rachel Green’s relationships with Ross Geller and Joey Tribiani, to Monica Geller’s marriage to Chandler Bing.

And in a TV tribute with creator James Burrows, the cast hinted that a whole lot of loving had gone on behind the scenes too. When host Andy Cohen asked if they’d signed contracts “saying that you wouldn’t sleep with each other? The actress, who played Phoebe Buffay, giggled, “David, say something! Following her split from Brad Pitt, rumours flew that Jennifer, who played Rachel, and her on-screen love interest David Schwimmer Ross were dating in real life.

However, nothing much came of it and in he married British artist Zoe Buckman while Jen wed actor Justin Theroux in But according to recent reports, with his seven-year marriage to Zoe now over and Jen single following her divorce from Justin, David’s apparently keen to reconnect.

Ultimate Friends Quiz II Stats

The cast of Friends hold a special place in the hearts of many, which is what makes them a prime target for tabloids. Gossip Cop investigated the gossip surrounding the Friends actors and determined their truth. Everyone’s totally rooting for them. The outlet’s source apparently got the ‘Delicious David’ nickname from a photo Messing posted to her Instagram.

Early Life Phoebe and her twin sister, Ursula, are the result of a sexual “The One With The Cop,” she begins dating a policeman named Gary, after finding his​.

But us? Not so much. That’s obvious from the rabid excitement swirling around Sunday’s “Friends” reunion, which – to be clear – is definitely not a reunion. The anti-reboot stance of “Friends” stands in contrast to shows such as “The X-Files,” which came back in January. On the one hand, this wave of collective ’90s nostalgia – also fueled by the accessibility of shows on streaming services – allows us to appreciate the timelessness of a sitcom such as “Friends,” which co-creator Marta Kauffman described as “about the time in your life when your friends are your family.

To be clear, it’s not just “Friends. And in one infamous “Sex and the City” episode, when Samantha dates a black man, she puts on a stereotypical “blaccent,” and says to the suitor’s sister, “And your okra wasn’t all that! David Schwimmer: ‘Friends’ event isn’t a reunion. Though the stars of “Friends” will gather to honor sitcom director James Burrows, the event will not be a reunion because Matthew Perry won’t be there, David Schwimmer said.

But “Friends"” has been the main lightning rod for such perceived shortcomings, especially since it became available on Netflix in January Right after that, Slate ran a piece that called Chandler Bing “agonizingly obsolete. Once he may have seemed coolly sarcastic, the gang’s designated ‘funny one. The piece referenced a YouTube video called “Homophobic Friends,” a montage of the show’s male characters engaging in “gay panic” – where the implication that one of them might be gay is the joke.

Friends – Phoebe and Mike on a double date

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